How To Change A Signature In Outlook on PC

Outlook is a versatile app with email, calendar, tasks, and contacts all integrated seamlessly into this popular and adaptable email program. Outlook gives people and companies the tools they need to effectively manage their communications and schedules because of its user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities. Its simple layout makes email organization simple, and its integrated calendar and task management features promote organization and productivity. However, if you use it professionally, then as your circumstances change, you need to change your signature in Outlook; this blog will guide you on how to change signature in Outlook on PC. 

Are you looking for details that will guide you to change a signature in Outlook easily? If your answer is yes, then we are here to help you and describe to you what steps are necessary to resolve this problem.

How You Can Change Signature in Outlook On a Windows

Let’s start with the process of changing the signature in Outlook using Windows:

Change Signature in Outlook on mac

How To Change Signature in Outlook Using Mac

Change Signature in Outlook on pc

To change your signature in Outlook with Mac, you need to follow the below steps:

How to Edit or Do Little Change in Signature in Outlook on Windows

Within just a few minutes, it is easy to perform edits or change your signature in Outlook in Windows. Follow the below steps to learn how:

how to Change Signature in Outlook

Understand How to Edit or perform Little Change in Signature in Outlook through Mac.

Editing or performing any minor changes in Signature in Outlook on your Mac is similar irrespective of classic and new versions of Outlook. Follow the steps below to learn the process:

What is the process for editing or change in signature in Outlook Using Web Browser?

Editing/Changing a signature in Outlook on the web is just as simple as on Windows and Mac if that’s how you like to keep productive.

Change Signature in Outlook on pc


The blog has guided you on how to change signatures in Outlook on PC. Apart from this, the blog also described the process of how to edit or perform a little change in signature in Outlook on a PC. You can go through all these steps effortlessly as these steps are easy and easily understandable. If you encounter any other problem while changing your signature. You can even email us or chat with our experts to get more information about Outlook mail and signature.


In Outlook 365, signatures are kept in the cloud and connected to your Microsoft 365 account. This makes it possible for you to easily access your signature from many platforms and devices.

In Outlook Web, select “Settings” from the gear icon, then select “View all Outlook settings,” then select “Compose and reply.” You may create and format your email signature under “Email signature,” which supports text, photos, and links. Don’t forget to save your modifications.

Go to “Settings” > “View all Outlook settings” > “Compose and reply” to add a signature automatically to Outlook responses. Choose the desired signature from the options for “Automatically include this signature in messages I send” and “Automatically include this signature in messages I forward or reply to.”

By going to your account settings in Outlook, you can create a signature. In the signature box, you can add your name, contact information, and other pertinent facts. Additionally, you may format the text, attach images, and create hyperlinks to give it a polished appearance.

You can alter your signature at any time in Outlook. Simply find the signature section in your account settings, and change or amend the content there. Your outgoing emails will instantly reflect any changes you make.

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