How To Delete Your AOL Account Permanently

America Online (AOL) introduced it in 2006, and it offers a friendly user interface with options including limitless storage, sophisticated spam filters, and integrated calendar capabilities. AOL Mail acts as a dependable communication tool for individuals and organizations alike, meeting a wide range of email needs thanks to its simple setup procedure, accessible online interface, and device compatibility. If you are using AOL mail and now want to delete your AOL account, then this blog is for you. Read it further to know how you can perform this function.

There may be several reasons why you want to delete your AOL mail account. However, there are necessary things that you have to do before deleting your account. Therefore, you need to stay connected to get all the information.

Things to perform before Deleting Your AOL Account

To make sure you don’t lose any crucial data, you should take a few steps before canceling your AOL account. You may easily switch from your current AOL account to the new provider you intend to use, thanks to its smooth backup transition. Below are the things you can do before deleting your AOL account:

1.  Cancel your ongoing subscriptions:

AOL offers a range of subscriptions, including those for system mechanics, live help, data security, ID protection, and more. These services assist you in protecting your data from hackers and maintaining your online privacy. Before starting the account cancellation process, cancel any subscriptions you may have. 

Visit the My Subscription page and log in using your account details to cancel these paid services. Then, cancel each of your subscriptions by following the on-screen instructions. You must wait 90 days after canceling the subscriptions before deleting your AOL account.


2.   Export your data:

Your private information, including significant emails, contacts, and more, undoubtedly exist in your AOL account if you’ve used it for a long time. You should download and export this data so you can access it later, even if you delete your AOL account. Go to the AOL Get My Data page to obtain your AOL data. You will then be able to access the downloads page after authenticating with your account password and two-factor authentication. Then, to download your data, click the Download button next to the data type that you want to download and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

3.  Change your email address for recovery:

You probably use the AOL email ID as a recovery email address for your other online accounts if it was your primary email address. If you forget your password, you cannot recover those accounts if you delete your AOL account before changing the recovery email on those accounts. You can call our experts for assistance for those accounts where you utilize the AOL email address for recovery. Now, you can remove your AOL account after completing these steps.

Steps to consider to Delete Your AOL Account

delete -AOL-account-permanently

Below are the steps that will help you to delete your AOL account from your desktop:

How To Delete A Free AOL Account

Follow the below steps to delete your free AOL account:



The above information is the easy steps that will help you delete your AOL account. If you follow these steps as they are stated above, you will be able to deactivate your AOL account in minutes. Although sometimes you may need clarification while working on this information, or if you feel stuck, you can get assistance from our experts instantly. Our experts will guide you through call, email, or chat. Get in touch with us to get assistance on all AOL account-related queries.


It is true that AOL has a policy of removing or canceling dormant accounts. As part of their maintenance and security procedures, AOL maintains the right to deactivate or delete an account if it is inactive for a predetermined amount of time, usually about 90 days.     

Email accounts belonging to deceased users of services like AOL may be handled in a variety of ways depending on the platform’s policy and the wishes of the deceased user’s family or estate. A legal process may be necessary with some email providers to acquire access or close the account, while others may let the family seek access to the account. Like other carriers, AOL would have established protocols for dealing with such circumstances.

AOL’s policy was to deactivate or remove inactive accounts after a predetermined amount of inactivity, which was typically around 90 days as of my most recent information update in September 2021. For the most recent information on AOL’s account retention policy, it is advised to consult their official documentation or customer service, as policies are subject to change over time.

AOL accounts are still alive as of my most recent update in September 2021 and can use for a variety of things, including email communication. To get the most up-to-date information, it’s best to contact AOL directly or visit their website, as the popularity and usage of AOL accounts may change over time.

Customers may usually delete their own email accounts, yes. In most cases, you can find instructions on how to remove an AOL account or any other email account in the account settings or in the platform’s support manual. It’s vital to keep in mind that when an email account is deleted, all associated emails and data are typically permanently lost, so make sure to make a backup of any crucial data before taking this action.

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