How To Fix iMessage Not Syncing on a Mac

Apple devices allow users to send and receive messages using their Macs or iPhones with the help of the user-friendly and seamless messaging program known as iMessage on Mac. You can have text discussions, share multimedia files, and even take part in group chats with the help of iMessage for Mac, thanks to its ability to sync with your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. The application is easy to use with its user-friendly layout. It has features like message syncing, read receipts, typing indicators, and direct SMS and MMS message sending and receiving from your Mac. However, you may encounter trouble with iMessage sometimes, and this blog will help you fix iMessage not syncing on a Mac problem. 

This integration of Mac with iMessaging enhances the level of communication to transit between Mac and Apple devices in order to stay connected with your contacts. In case you cannot access your iMessaging app, below are the details on how you fix iMessage not syncing issues.

Troubleshooting Guide: iMessage Not Syncing on Mac - Solutions and Fixes

There are many ways to fix iMessage not syncing on a Mac; this blog will guide on some of those solutions:

Method 1: What can you do when iMessages is not syncing between iphone and Mac

Try turning on and off your iMessages to fix iMessage not syncing on a Mac, and to do this, follow the below instructions:

Wait a few minutes and turn on the iMessages on both devices again.

iMessage-not-syncing-on-mac ,Fix iMessage Not Syncing on a Mac

Method 2: Check your Apple ID and iMessages settings

Your settings may have change after an update, so you need to ensure that there is any change in the settings:

Examine the “YOU CAN BE REACHED BY MESSAGE AT” and “START NEW CONVERSATION FROM” fields to make sure the correct mobile number and email address are displayed.

If not, modify it and include the appropriate information.

If not, modify it and include the appropriate information.

Another method to Fix iMessage Not Syncing on a Mac

If the above two methods do not work for you, you can try these two methods, which can help you Fix iMessage not syncing on a Mac.

Method 3: Apple ID checking

How To Fix iMessage Not Syncing

Method 4: Use a device not syncing to send messages

Using one of your devices can cause the notifications to update because that device is possibly delayed in updating. This is how you do it to fix iMessage not syncing on a Mac

Other alternatives that can resolve your How To Fix iMessage Not Syncing on a Mac?

Method 1: Check updates on your iPhone

You need to check your updates in order to set or fix iMessages not syncing on a Mac problem.

Method 2: Try for Manual Sync

When your device is unable to sync automatically, you need to sync it manually. Below are the details on how you can sync it manually to fix iMessages not syncing on a Mac:

This trick will help you appear on your iMessages on your Mac.


The above information will help you resolve how to fix iMessage not syncing issues. These simple steps guide you instantly so you can use your Mac iMessaging easily. Thus, if you encounter any other problem, our experts are here to guide you on everything that is related to iMessages not syncing on Mac. Get in touch with us through calls, chat, and email.


A number of causes could cause your Mac’s iMessage synchronization problems. Ensure that iMessage is turned on and that both devices are linked to the same iCloud account. As synchronization depends on internet access, see if your Mac and iPhone have a strong internet connection. Additionally, confirm that iMessage forwarding from your iPhone to Mac is turned on. Consider rebooting both devices, logging out and back into your iCloud account on your Mac, and checking for software updates on both devices if the problem doesn’t go away.

You can follow these steps to start iMessage synchronization between your iPhone and Mac manually:


  • Ensure that both devices are logged into the same iCloud account and are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your iPhone, select “Settings” > “Messages.”
  • Disable “iMessage.”
  • After a brief delay, turn “iMessage” back on.
  • Open the Messages app on your Mac.
  • Click “Messages” > “Preferences” in the navigation bar.
  • Make sure your iCloud account is chosen in the “Accounts” menu.
  • If the checkbox next to “Enable this account” isn’t already ticked, click it to do so.
  • On your Mac, shut down and restart the Messages app.

There are several causes for iMessage synchronization problems. Verifying your internet connection, ensuring both devices are signed into the same iCloud account and have iMessage turned on, and ensuring both devices are running the most recent software updates are among troubleshooting measures. Additionally, check both devices’ iCloud settings to verify that iMessage syncing hasn’t been mistakenly off. Synchronization issues may be fixed by restarting both devices and logging out and back into iCloud.

There are a variety of causes for sync problems between your Mac and iPhone. Make sure both devices have active internet connections and are signed into the same iCloud account before anything else. Verify that both devices enable the relevant synchronization settings in the iCloud settings. Restarting both devices can help when transient malfunctions are causing an issue. Additionally, ensure that both devices use the same Apple ID for iCloud. If the issue continues, checking out Apple’s support materials or getting in touch with their customer care may offer more help that is specifically geared to your circumstance.

Problems with iCloud syncing, internet access, iMessage settings, or software updates are to blame for your Messages not appearing on your Mac. Make sure both devices are connected to the internet, have the most recent software updates, and are using the same iCloud account. Verify your iPhone’s iMessage forwarding parameters and your Mac’s iMessage settings. The issue might be fixed by restarting the affected devices and signing in and out on your Mac with your Apple ID.

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