Troubleshoot Comcast Email Error Codes and Messages

Xfinity Comcast offers Comcast Email as part of its Xfinity brand of email services. It enables creating and using email accounts with the “” domain for Xfinity users. The email service includes functions like a user-friendly interface, editable folders for email organization. It is an integrated address book, spam filtering, and the capacity to view emails from including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. However, sometimes you can encounter errors while sending your emails and we will aid you in troubleshooting comcast email error codes and messages

If you are facing this kind of issue with your comcast email account, then this blog is for you; here, we describe you troubleshoot comcast email error codes and messages.

Decoding Comcast Email Error Codes and Messages

1. ES0000001

This means that you are sending email from a dynamic/residential IP address inside the Comcast domain. Due to which, you are unable to send your email to the Comcast network. Beside this, customers of Comcast are not permitted to send emails from any other email servers besides

2. ES000010 comcast email error

ES000010 error means that you are sending email from a dynamic/residential IP space, so you have been stopped from sending to the Comcast network. Thus your, residential/dynamic IP addresses are not permitted to connect directly to email servers by Comcast.

3. BL000000

This error shows spam-like email transmission patterns discovered from your email server. Your email server has been prohibited from sending emails to the Comcast network to safeguard subscribers. Since many users often share mail servers, even if you haven’t sent any spam, someone else using your email server may have done the same, resulting in this error. 

4. BL000001

When you see this error displayed on your screen, this means your transmitting IP address is listed on the Spamhaus Zen; because of that, your email could not be delivered. This error has a list of IP addresses identified as transmitting spam, along with dynamically allocated IP addresses. Lastly, this error will enable the users from sending emails to email servers directly. 

5. Comcast Error Code BL000010

It is an error that shows your email provider is identified on the Cloudmark Sender Intelligence (CSI), so your email could not be delivered. A list of IP addresses that have been identified as sending spam is called CSI. Comcast utilizes this list to stop spam from reaching its subscribers.

6. BL000100

This error depicts that your email provider is on the Return Path Reputation Network Blocklist, so your message could not be delivered. The IP addresses in this list have been identified as sending spam. Thus, comcast utilizes this list to stop spam from reaching its subscribers.

Troubleshoot Steps for Comcast Error Codes & Messages :

Following is a list of possible solutions that will help you solve your Comcast email Errors.

1. ES000001: 

The troubleshooting for this error is that your IP space is set aside for Comcast’s residential service. Using webmail service or adequately configuring your email software will allow you to send and receive email through the Comcast Email servers. If the configuration does not work, then, you can call our experts.

2. ES000010 Error Code:

For this error, it is crucial that you urge your email provider to review the configuration of your email server. Describe the error, including the message you received from the email that alerted you to the issue. Important information in this error message will help your email administrator tackle this problem. If your problem still does not resolve,  you can contact our experts.

3. Comcast Error Code BL000000:

You need to describe this error to your service provider, including the message that your email is showing. This is an outbound spam problem and may have some vital information that your service provider needs. Finally, to troubleshoot this comcast error and message, you must send a removal request to this address: 

4. BL000001:

First, inform this issue to your service provider. Show him the message displaying on your screen, which may have some essential information that may help your service provider. To resolve this issue, you need to call our professionals so that your block removal can be done.    

5. BL000010:

Try to contact your service provider and discuss this issue with him. Show him the error and message that you see while sending the email. This issue can be resolved by visiting our website. From there, you can request your removal.  

6. BL000100 Comcast Error Message:

This is again an outbound spam issue, which you must describe to your service provider. Once your service provider reviews this issue, he may resolve it. Again, to get this error resolved, you need to visit our website where you will request for removal.


The above-listed troubleshooting comcast email error codes and messages are just some of the errors and messages. If you struggle with any other error or messages for Comcast email, you can contact or email us immediately. Our experts are always there to resolve your queries. Moreover, you can get in touch with us for the seamless functioning of your Comcast email.  

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