How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

Google Calendar is a flexible time-management tool created by Google. Users may easily create, organize, and share events and appointments. It enables effective planning of personal, professional, and group schedules with features like customized event details, reminders, and color-coded calendars. It is an easy option for customers to remain on top of their obligations thanks to its seamless connection with other Google services, real-time syncing across devices, and automated time zone changes. If you are using Outlook mail and unable to sync Google Calendar with Outlook, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, we will describe to you how easy it is to sync your Google calendar with Outlook. It will help you manage your busy schedules and notify you of important meetings, follow-ups, and more. Stay connected to learn the process.

Before syncing Calendar, you must know how to make Google Calendar appear in Outlook.

It is essential that Google Calendar appears in Outlook as they both are different tools. In order to sync Google Calendar with Outlook, you need to make it appear in Outlook. Let’s start with the process of how Google Calendar can appear in Outlook:

Google Calendar Sync with Outlook

Simultaneous Two-Way Sync: Connecting Google Calendar and Outlook

You can also update both calendars simultaneously rather than merely syncing one another. You can sync Google Calendar with Outlook in the same way as you can sync changes to Outlook with Google Calendar. We’ll start with the procedures for installing Outlook from within the Office suite on your computer:


How to Sync Calendar with Outlook 365

Your Outlook calendar entries should now appear in your Google Calendar. Removing and adding the Outlook URL will ensure that you always have the most recent updates. Since you have subscribed to the calendar, it should be checked frequently for updates, but not more than every 48 hours. 

To sync Google calendar with Outlook 365 the approach for Outlook in Office 365 is different for the Outlook part but essentially the same for the Google part:

Google Calendar Sync with Outlook

How can you Sync Calendar through Web Browser

To sync your Google Calendar with Outlook with the help of a web browser on your computer, here you will be able to see all your Google Calendar events in Outlook but are unable to edit when using Google Calendar.


The blog has described the different methods to sync Google Calendar with Outlook. All these steps are easy and will help you to sync effortlessly. However, if you feel anything needs to be clarified or need some assistance, our experts are here to help you. Our professionals are trained to guide you under these circumstances. Call, email, or chat with us anytime for an instant solution to your queries.


A number of variables, including your internet connection, the number of calendar events, and any third-party sync solutions you may be using, can affect how quickly Outlook and Google Calendar sync. In general, changes you make may take a few minutes to propagate and appear in the other calendar.

Your settings will determine how often Google Calendar syncs with Outlook. You must start the sync process every time you wish to update the calendars if you’re using manual synchronization. Depending on your preferences and settings, the interval can change when using automatic syncing or third-party sync applications, frequently ranging from a few minutes to many hours.

Make sure you have a working internet connection before taking the following actions to sync your Google Calendar:

  • Go to the Google Calendar website or app.
  • Select Settings by clicking the gear symbol.
  • On the left panel, select the specific calendar you want to sync.
  • To get more information, get in touch with our experts.

Direct calendar sharing between Outlook and Google Calendar is not allowed as of my most recent version in September 2021. Using intermediary programs or services that enable cross-platform calendar sharing and syncing will help you accomplish this in any case. You can export the events from your Outlook calendar using the “ICS” file format, then import them into Google Calendar.

There could be a number of reasons why your Outlook and Google Calendars aren’t synchronizing. Make sure your internet connection is working properly, that the sync settings in Outlook and Google Calendar are set up correctly, and that your calendar events are free of mistakes or conflicts. Any third-party programs or plugins you use for synchronizing may also need to be reviewed.

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